Friday, June 29, 2007

SightSpeed -- We Can Dance!

The summer holidays are upon us -- 4th of July is almost here -- which means it is time to celebrate the summer months. At SightSpeed, we celebrate with the best of 'em -- watch us dance!

Finally -- this post will be my last for some time, as I am taking a bit of a summer respite from my blogging. I figured I'd follow uber-blogger Andy Abramson and the trend he started ... he got me started in blogging in the first place (so why not follow his lead?)

So, until my next post, enjoy your 4th of July holiday (and feel free to borrow our SightSpeed moves for your own summer celebration)!

Is There ANY Other News Today in the Digital Media/Tech World?

If you are a digital media/tech executive or enthusiast, I don't need to tell you what the "big news" of the day is -- the hype machine has been in full force for days, weeks, months ... and bleary-eyed campers are ready to whip out their credit cards and pay $499-$599 for the most craved gadget in memory.

So, is there any other digital media news today?

Sure, so long as you can get past iPhone-mania. Just one example -- News Corp & NBC Universal's upcoming "NewTube" service, which hopes to take on YouTube, finally just announced the new head of its joint venture which is scheduled to debut in September. And, the choice is not an obvious one -- Jason Kilar who, up until early 2006, spent nearly a decade at Amazon (first as VP and GM of its books, music and DVDs in the U.S.; and, second, as Senior VP of worldwide application software).