Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why Wait 2 Days for the iPhone? The Eye-Phone is Here and Now!

The iPhone hype continues to out-hype any previously hyped technology product in memory -- and the initial reviews are glowing (at least for the phone itself; but not for the AT&T network on which it operates). Personal Technology guru Walt Mossberg calls the iPhone "a beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer" and Ed Baig of USA Today proclaims "From the start, iPhone is iFun" and is "worth lusting after" (wow, for a personal technology device?). No doubt hundreds (if not thousands) of Apple faithful -- and overall fashionistas -- are already camped out in front of Apple stores across the country, despite the fact that the "launch" is still 2 days away.

But, why wait for the iPhone when you can have a great quality "Eye-Phone" today ... and for $499-$599 less than the iPhone (in other words, for free -- including a completely free service plan!)? The "Eye-Phone" -- video calling -- is here, now, great quality, and easy to use. And, it helps you stay connected with friends, families and colleagues in ways that voice only calling can never approach.

The iPhone has no video camera ... yet. But video calling -- on the desktop, in the home, and throughout the world -- is here and now.