Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SightSpeed -- Now Alive & Well In the Land Down Under!

Australia and New Zealand -- welcome to the wonderful world of SightSpeed (at the risk of sounding, well, "non humble", we are widely praised as being the world's best cross-platform video calling solution)! We have a new partnership just announced today.

The Day The Music Died -- Internet Radio Stations Go Dark Today

Thousands of webcasters will go "dark" today -- complete silence -- instead of streaming music. Yahoo Music, MTV Online, Rhapsody, Pandora and other webcasters of all shapes and sizes will observe a "National Day of Silence" to protest substantially higher music royalty rates to be collected by SoundExchange (the organization that collects and distributes Internet music royalties) beginning next month. Current royalty rates will more than double by 2010 each time a song is played. However, SoundExchange downplayed webcaster fears, underscoring that it is free to strike separate deals with websites.