Monday, June 18, 2007

Telepresence For "the Rest of Us"

Fellow blogger compadres and respected journalists and thought-leaders Ken Camp and Andy Abramson just finished some real world testing of video-conferencing using SightSpeed across different network conditions (permutations and combinations using Covad T1, Cox Cable, Qwest DSL and Comcast Cable).

See the results for yourself on Ken's blog and, in particular, his last use case (i.e., "Test #4") where he uses SightSpeed on his Covad T1 while Andy his on his Covad T1. Ken's conclusion is as follows and in his own unsolicited words:

"In Test #4, it’s really obvious that this approach enables telepresence at an affordable level for the small business and many home office-based entrepreneurs. Cisco may have the buzz on the word telepresence. At least they’ll tell you they do. They want to own the concept. But like so many vendors of that scale, they built a solution for the Fortune 500. Cisco’s telepresence is for the deep pockets of large enterprises.

I, like any other small business, will never be a Fortune 500 company. We are forever trapped in the Unfortunate 5 Million. We’re the great unwashed masses left to fend for ourselves. Cisco’s telepresence isn’t a tool for me. But Covad and SightSpeed are within reach."

Sage words Ken ... and thanks for the real world testing! SightSpeed and Covad T1 -- according to Ken Camp and Andy Abramson, a winning combination for the SMB market!

Semel "Out," Yang "In" at Yahoo!

Hot off the presses -- Terry Semel has just stepped down as CEO of Yahoo! and co-founder Jerry Yang is the new CEO, with former EVP Susan Decker taking the role of President. Looks like Yahoo! is going back to its "roots" and away from its recent Hollywood leanings ...

... and, at least so far, the market really likes what it hears ... Yahoo!'s stock is up like a rocket at this point ...

Is this exuberance rational?

"Unified Communications" -- The New Buzzwords for Business

You can't go far in the business press these days without stumbling across the concept of "unified communications" -- a concept that is being touted by Bill Gates, Cisco and virtually every other major technology company as being the key solution to "unifying" the proliferation of communications tools facing the business world. Robert Guth writes an interesting story summarizing the promise of "unified communications" in today's Wall Street Journal (on page R9), in a special section that also features many of the Walt Mossberg's and Kara Swisher's interviews at their recent "D Conference" in Carlsbad, California.

Interestingly, SightSpeed already today has all of the ingredients necessary for an effective "unified communications" solution:

(1) SightSpeed already is universally hailed as offering the world's best and most complete IP real-time communications solution (full video conferencing, voice conferencing, IM and other capabilities that are part of a complete full service business solution) (by PC Magazine, PC World, Macworld, Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal, Paul Taylor of the Financial Times, Frost & Sullivan, IDC, KillerApp); and

(2) importantly, unlike Skype and others, SightSpeed is fully SIP and standards-based (meaning that SightSpeed can interoperate with other SIP-based networks and SIP-enabled hardware devices today).

The business market presents a unique opportunity ...