Friday, June 15, 2007

Roger Waters or David Gilmour -- The "Real" Pink Floyd?

Now for something completely different ...

Tonight, I am traveling up to Irvine for the Roger Waters concert. It will be an interesting experience, as I tend to view David Gilmour (his voice, his guitar) as being the real genius behind Pink Floyd -- and, I know that my view is contrary to most die hard Pink Floyd fans.

So, which of the two do YOU believe represents the heart and soul of Pink Floyd? Let me know at

Separately, bar none, the best concert I ever attended -- and I have attended many -- was Pink Floyd's last tour in 1994 (I saw them at the Rose Bowl). I got my most recent fix of Pink Floyd several months back when my wife and I saw the Australian Pink Floyd play in San Diego -- don't scoff, it was a brilliant show and I recommend them highly (it truly was a remarkable Pink Floyd-like experience in all respects).

Sony Launching Television "Minisodes" on MySpace

As reported in today's Wall Street Journal on page B3, Sony Pictures Television soon will launch a broadband channel on MySpace (owned by a rival studio of course -- News Corp) called the "Minisode Network." This channel will feature classic Sony television shows -- such as "Diff'rent Strokes" and "The Partridge Family" -- that have been heavily edited down (i.e., shrunk) to 3-5 minutes in length and will be available for free; Sony will monetize this channel with sponsorships from national advertisers. This recent initiative by Sony is just the most recent example of how content owners are experimenting in new ways to monetize classic content via the Internet.

Sony has been viewed by many pundits as generally being a laggard with online initiatives as compared with other studios such as News Corp., Disney, and CBS. But, Sony hopes to change that with important new upcoming online video initiatives such as a substantially revamped Grouper which is scheduled to be unveiled next month. Sony acquired Grouper last year for $65 million.