Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SightSpeed Expands Its Senior Management Team to Include a Chief Marketing Office for the First Time

I try to steer clear from strict SightSpeed news in my blog -- but, occasionally, I feel it is warranted to bring visibility to important new developments in our business. Today is such a day.

Just today, we announced that -- for the first time -- SightSpeed has expanded its senior management team to include a Chief Marketing Office. In this newly created marketing office, I am pleased to announce that Heather Crothers is our new CMO after spending 13 years at Intuit in marketing and product management both in both the SMB and consumer markets. I am also pleased to announce that Eric Quanstrom is our new VP Consumer Marketing & Business Development, after spending several years in marketing with both established media companies like Fox and with entrepreneurial companies like Appellation America (a leading Internet wine portal). Both Crothers and Quanstrom bring significant expertise and experience to SightSpeed.

Why is this significant for SightSpeed users and for those interested in the promise of "unified communications" enabled by the Internet? Several reasons.

First and foremost, the addition of our new Chief Marketing Office represents a significant strategic shift for SightSpeed. Previously, SightSpeed was a world class development/engineering company first and foremost. This all changed with the recent launch of SightSpeed 6.0, which is now fully SIP-based and standards-based for the first time. SightSpeed now is in a new era where product marketing and marketing to both consumers and small to medium businesses are of equal importance to pure development. SightSpeed is now poised for significant accelerated growth both directly and via our global partners (including Creative Labs, AMD, Intel, Sonic Solutions, Ezonics) due to (1) the unique flexibility and interoperability enabled by SIP, and (2) the emerging massive deployment of web cams being embedded directly into hardware (notebook PCs, monitors, consumer electronic devices, and ultimately mobile phones). In other words, SightSpeed is now in accelerated growth mode.

Second, while SightSpeed long has been universally recognized as offering the best, most comprehensive, and easiest to use IP video and voice communications services, we never before had a marketing and product marketing team. That has now changed. This means that the pace of our products' overall ease of use, functionality and visibility will only grow as a result.

Third, we now for the first time have dedicated marketing resources at the most senior level for our global partners to optimize the promise of "unified communications."

Top 10 Most Popular Blogs

In May 2007, Technorati was tracking more than 71 million blogs. The "Top 10 Most Popular Blogs" -- according to Ken Rutkowski of KenRadio (using data from a variety of sources) -- are:

(1) Gizmodo
(2) TMZ
(3) engadget
(4) LifeHacker
(5) HuffingtonPost
(6) boingboing
(7) PerezHilton
(8) Gawker
(9) Kotaku
(10) DailyKos

TechCrunch just missed the top 10, landing at #11. And, my own blog -- Digital Media Update -- is climbing fast! :)

Ken Rutkowski also just issued another IQ report that predicts that the Internet will become the top source for news and information (surpassing TV network news, cable TV news, newspapers and all other sources) within 5 years.