Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apple's Onslaught on Windows Continues With Safari

Apple's cross pollination of its products to the Windows community continues -- first, with its wildly successful iTunes software, and now, with its Safari web browser. Yesterday, Steve Jobs unveiled a version of its Safari browser for Windows-based PCs at its software developers event in San Francisco. The prize for Jobs and Apple? Boosting sales of its Macintosh product line which, according to USA Today's Jon Swartz, represented 43% of Apple's revenues in its most recent quarter. Macs now command nearly 5% of the PC market, up from 3.5% in 2004 according to well-known market research firm IDC. Jobs claims that Safari is twice as fast as the other major browsers -- Microsoft's Internet Explorer has 78% of the market; Mozilla's Firefox has 15%.

In other Apple news, the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone is now only 17 days away -- don't be surprised if you start seeing lines forming soon outside an Apple store near you. Read an interesting story about the hype surrounding the iPhone -- and the gamble it represents for Apple -- from today's Los Angeles Times.