Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bill & Steve's Excellent Adventure -- Sharing the Stage at D!

Some thought it wasn't possible, but here's proof -- Bill Gates & Steve Jobs shared the stage for the culmination of Day 1 of Walt Mossberg's and Kara Swisher's D Conference tonight -- and it was a great show. Will add more color later, but here's a token from an extremely memorable evening ...

Read more about it from today's San Diego Union Tribune.

More "Choice Cuts" from D! Ballmer, Chernin, Jobs, Moonves, Chambers, Case and More ...

An incredible parade of the captains of technology and media at today's D Conference in Carlsbad. I previously blogged about the "quote of the day" by Steve Jobs -- which still stands, by the way (although I expect more quotable quotes from tonight's mash up between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs -- live on stage for one night only!)

But, more quotable quotes from today's D Conference --

Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft --
-- "never again" (about taking 5.5 years between major O/S releases)
-- "we will keep coming ... and coming ... and coming ... and coming" (when asked about what the Zune strategy is and will be given the Zune's limited success today)
-- "we don't drop things" (when asked whether Microsoft is committed to the Zune, given its limited success to date)

Les Moonves, President & CEO, CBS
-- "a network is not a brand ... not anymore"
-- "shows are brands -- networks are not"
-- "we like what they're doing -- we think it's interesting" (when discussing SlingMedia)

Peter Chernin, President & COO, News Corp
-- consumers "will be able to do whatever they want to do" (with the content that is made available on the upcoming News Corp/NBC Uni "NewTube" yet-to-named service)

Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple
-- see quote of the day below (in my earlier post of the day)
-- "we're working on the best iPod ever -- and it's awesome!"
-- "the iPhone is really software wrapped in beautiful hardware" (when asked whether he is concerned about other companies trying to copy the design of the iPhone)

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems
-- "doing video is an art, not a science" (I like that quote!)
-- "I think you'll see Apple and Cisco getting along just fine" (when asked about the relationship of the two companies in the future)

Steve Case, Chairman and CEO, Revolution
-- "only 2% of healthcare expenditures is spent on wellness and early detection" (when asked about the opportunity with healthcare and what his and other companies are trying to do to revolutionize the industry)

Stay tuned ...

Quote of the Day -- Steve Jobs About Microsoft at the D Conference

Quote of the day at Day 1 of Walt Mossberg's D Conference --

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, when asked how it feels for him to be one of the biggest developers of software for Windows and the PC (with iTunes):

"It's like giving a glass of water to somebody in hell!"

Needless to say, tonight's session with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sharing the same stage promises to be .... um ... "interesting?"

Presidential Hopeful John McCain Kicks Off D

Walt Mossberg's and Kara Swisher's annual D Conference kicked off last night with a no holds barred "interview" of Presidential hopeful John McCain. Very entertaining indeed to watch Walt and Kara hold nothing back when they ask questions ... tough questions about the War, immigration, and more. And, McCain held his own for the most part, and even imparted some humour (pretty funny guy at times, actually). Interestingly, McCain was stumped by a question from the audience at one point, something you rarely see from overly produced Presidential candidates (but, then again, look at the audience at the D Conference, as well as the more folksy style of McCain).

Some particularly interesting comments from McCain were:

(1) when asked about broadband, McCain opined that "it's the future of telecom" (I couldn't agree more of course); and

(2) when asked about whether patent reform, McCain not jokingly conceded that it was not part of his Presidential agenda/platform because he, in his words, "is trying to fix the big things" (of course, a few of us in the audience believe that our current patent process is in need of a major overhaul as a high priority).

Today's agenda is non-stop captains of industry, kicking off this morning with Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Les Moonves of CBS; then with Peter Chernin of News Corp. and Steve Jobs of Applej; next with John Chambers of Cisco (who McCain wants to recruit into his adminstration) and Steve Case; next with George Lucas; and then finishing up with a cage match featuring Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

It doesn't get much better than that -- and that is only the first full day ...