Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Working From Anywhere," Starring VoIP Expert Andy Abramson

VoIP expert and leading blogger Andy Abramson has taken "on the road" productivity to a whole new level -- he is one of the kings of finding the latest and most useful gadgets and solutions to empower him to work and collaborate effectively from anywhere. In fact, Mr. Prolific pens a blog with the title "Working Anywhere."

Check out my interview of Andy below -- and his "take" on Working Anywhere -- from "Anywhere, USA" using nothing but web cams on each end and SightSpeed's new in-call recording feature. (And note that Andy was calling on a hotel's wireless connection ... from where? He'll never tell! ... if it's this good on a weak connection like Andy's, imagine how good it is on 256k and up -- and, remember, no external software editing tools were used in the creation of this video interview; just have a live video call -- record your call -- and then use the SightSpeed exporting tool which gives you a choice of playback options (side-by-side as in this video, picture-in-picture, and more ....)).

VoIP Expert Andy Abramson on Working Anywhere from csathy on Vimeo