Monday, May 21, 2007

SightSpeed 6.0 Named One of PC World's "100 Best Products of 2007"!

PC World just this morning announced its highly anticipated ranking of the "100 Best Products of 2007" -- and, I am pleased and proud to report that recently released SightSpeed 6.0 not only made it on this coveted list, but also landed in the top quarter of all products (ranking at #21 overall!). In the words of PC World's editors, "[t]he best videoconferencing app we've tested improved further in version 6 with a tabbed interface for contacts. Even better: SightSpeed is still free."

This latest kudo (which follows closely on the heels of PC Magazine's "Editors' Choice" for the third time, Killer App's 2007 "Innovator of the Year" award, and Paul Taylor's glowing review on May 11th in the Financial Times where he called SightSpeed "the next level of video conferencing"), represents yet another testament to the power, passion, innovation and expertise of the great team with whom I am privileged to work. Of note, virtually every company ahead of SightSpeed on this list is a Fortune 1000 company -- not a small privately held company like SightSpeed Inc. And, indulge me a bit when we are placed ahead of such industry darlings and behemoths as Apple (Apple 80 GB iPod #26, Apple iPod nano #45, Apple iTunes #61, Apple MacBook Pro #82), Google (Gmail #31, Google Picasa #36, Google Maps for Mobile #53), Samsung (Samsung BlackJack #25), Yahoo! (Yahoo! Mail Beta #27, Flickr #44), Skype (Skype 3 #38), Microsoft (Microsoft Office 2007 #56), TiVo (TiVo Series 3 HD Digital Media Recorder #79), Sling Media (Slingbox Pro #32, Slingbox SlingPlayer Mobile #99). Moreover, the vast majority of those on this list are products launched by some of the biggest and most venerable companies in the technology world -- SightSpeed, a relatively new company which launched its first version less than 4 years ago, is proud to be part of this list and in such esteemed company.