Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fame Awaits Online! The New Worldwide Talent Search & Way to be Discovered ... and Paid!

The Internet is wildly democratic -- everyone now has powerful tools at their disposal to make a statement ... or showcase their talents, whatever they may be. The Internet it the new "Schwab's" of Hollywood yore -- but, unlike Schwab's which was geographically available only to a few ingenues, virtually anyone has access to the Internet. That means that virtually anyone can be "discovered." Look at the lonelygirl15 and RocketBoom phenomenon -- and, our very own The SightSpeed Guy (aka Peter Z), who was discovered online as a result of his wit and now hosts his own show on DirecTV.

Regular online auditions -- and weekly "winners" and more -- now will be formally showcased on, the new interactive online video community powered by SightSpeed and which was recently showcased in TechCrunch and elsewhere.

For more on the seeking of online fame and fortune, two compelling articles can be found in today's Los Angeles Times -- one by Dawn Chmielewski (about online video sites such as YouTube now sharing ad revenues with their biggest amateur stars, something which Vlip also eventually intends to do) and the other by David Sarno (about online video "hoaxing").