Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Red Herring Conference Day 1

I just finished speaking on the "Digital Media: Hollywood Gets Technical" panel at the Spring Red Herring conference in Monterey, California -- today is day 1. In addition to SightSpeed, Ryan Olson of Red Herring Magazine moderated Hillcrest Labs, Gracenote and MOG. Needless to say, it was an eclectic panel. But, certain themes emerged -- the importance and permanence (meaning it is here to stay) of user generated content; the importance of recommendation engines and easy-to-use search. Of course, user generated content can be both real-time and recorded -- and SightSpeed plays in both worlds (with SightSpeed 6.0 and with our new interactive online video community called Vlip). I am pleased to say that both services have just received significant new accolades that I will announce soon.

Also, great keynote addresses in the morning at the Red Herring conference -- first by Marc Jung, Former COO of Fox Interactive; and, second, by Max Levchin, CEO of Slide, Co-Founder of Paypal and Chairman of Yelp. I will try to add my notes from their impressive keynotes later today or tomorrow.

So, stay tuned for more ...