Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Disaster Preparedness -- Avoiding Your Own Meltdown During the Bay Area's Traffic Meltdown

This weekend's tanker fire in the East Bay Area -- which destroyed crucial connecting ramps to the I-80, I-880 and I-580 freeways -- underscores the vulnerability of our infrastructure to disasters (both natural and otherwise). And, it further underscores the need for disaster preparedness for governments, for businesses, and for individuals. Maintaining communications and collaboration are critical during such times -- as well as maintining productivity and overall sanity.

In the current commuting nightmare that likely will last for months in the Bay Area, immediate solutions are necessary. High quality, easy-to-use, portable and cost-effective video conferencing is a key solution during such times (this point is underscored in an article by Barbara Grady in today's Oakland Tribune in which she highlights the benefits of SightSpeed). I have written previously about the significant "green" benefits of video-conferencing -- but, those benefits are just the beginning. Other benefits include significant enhancements to overall productivity, more "face" time with out of reach colleagues, more "face" time with your own loved ones, and more sanity and less personal wear and tear during times like these in the Bay Area.