Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shopping Online for Goods & Services With Video -- And Closing More Transactions With Video

Today's Wall Street Journal on Page B1 includes an article titled "Shopping by TV Comes to the PC" -- all about how online video is transforming the online shopping experience for consumers -- making it easier and simply more compelling to shop virtually (and giving merchants a powerful new tool to showcase and promote their wares).

Think of how online video -- and, in particular, real-time video -- can supercharge online sales and transactions by giving merchants (and service providers in general) a powerful new tool to add the previously missing "human" element to the online sales experience? Now, merchants and service-providers can have cost-effective "one click" with video call centers so that customers can close transactions with a live human being with whom they can interact -- something that is incredibly important to many, particularly when closing a significant transaction (such as a home mortgage, insurance, etc.). Without this "human element", many consumers are understandably too wary and uncomfortable to ever transact any such business online. And, by upping conversion rates even by just a few percentage points -- which online video certainly would accomplish at a minimum -- video call centers would have an extremely significant and positive ROI impact.