Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Power of "Click to Call" Communications -- An Immediate Edge to Business

I previously have addressed the unique power of click to call video and voice communications in the business setting -- customers get immediate and personal access to goods and services -- and businesses get a powerful marketing edge. Luca Filigheddu gives a powerful refresher course on the business applications, and power, of "click to call" from the other side of the Atlantic -- enjoy.

SightSpeed GREEN -- How Video Conferencing Can Be A Way EVERYONE Can Immediately Make a Real Difference For the Environment

Our climate is changing rapidly ... virtually no one disputes that. Al Gore and his organization -- the Alliance for Climate Protection -- have done an outstanding job raising awareness of this global issue. The media industry properly has used (witness Gore's book and movie "An Incovenient Truth") and is using its tremendous power and clout to bring this awareness to an entirely new level -- and the upcoming "Live Earth" concert, overseen by long-time specialist Kevin Wall, is a great example of this.

What can all of us -- and our businesses -- do to immediately make a real difference? Well, one thing is to commute less and collaborate more -- and more effectively -- online. THAT is where IP video conferencing enters the picture.

Great quality FREE IP video solutions like SightSpeed are easy-to-use -- and, they are tremendously empowering and a power of "connectivity" that voice and text alone cannot even remotely approach. I have previously written about this, since I "drink my own kool-aid", "eat my own dogfood", or whichever metaphor you prefer -- in other words, I use SightSpeed several hours a day to run Berkeley-based SightSpeed Inc. from my San Diego, where I live with my family. Nothing -- and I mean, nothing -- enables more effective online communicaton, collaboration and overall "connectivity" than face to face video communications.

Businesses (and individuals) can commute less by car, travel on planes less -- but communicate and collaborate more efficiently and extremely effectively -- via these kinds of video solutions. In other words, IP-based video solutions like SightSpeed are green-friendly and empowering and part of an overall environmental solution that is easy for each of us to implement immediately and cost-effectively. And, think of the efficiencies -- by using SightSpeed, think of the savings in time and stress in avoiding the morning and evening commutes? This is just one additional, yet tremendously revolutionary, added benefit to my dependence upon SightSpeed to run my company from San Diego -- I can regularly see my family for breakfasts and dinners and watch (and participate in) my kids growing up! Now, THAT is priceless! And, I actually have more time to be productive at the same time -- because my commute in San Diego is 30 seconds to my home office (rather than 30-60 minutes each way). So, the benefits to IP video conferencing just keep adding up ...

I am proud to say that SightSpeed Inc. as a company also eats its own dog food when it comes to living the "green" commitment. For as long as I can remember, our entire team has been required to be physically in the office only two days per week -- on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On other days, our entire team is permitted to work from home. How can we do this and still effectively run our extremely well oiled machine that continuously develops the world's best IP communications solution? Because we use -- and depend upon -- our own services to collaborate internally and get the job done. And, our collaboration and communications -- and overall level of productivity -- do not miss a beat. Oh yes -- another added benefit for the work-force -- increased morale! SightSpeed's culture is unique because we, as a company, can enable this type of flexibility precisely because our services are uniquely empowering. As you can imagine, this type of culture and flexibility are a great recruiting tool and overall employee benefit.

Think video conferencing -- think green -- spread the word -- and make a difference ...