Friday, March 16, 2007

Vlip is Alive! SightSpeed's First New Product Launch Since ... well ... SightSpeed!

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Well, the cat is out of the bag. We have just launched our early beta version of Vlip -- think of it as a completely different, yet wholly complementary, side of SightSpeed.

Vlip is a completely unique, easy-to-use active and interactive online video community geared to the YouTube generation (but very very different from YouTube and all other "traditional" online video destination sites like Revver, Veoh, and others). How is it different? Check out the Vlip manifesto below. And, Check out our early beta at Tech Crunch has already written about Vlip and concludes that "Vlip's combination of passive and active video chat could really catch on." We certainly hope so ... and I want to hear (and see via Vlip) your feedback to our early beta. I promise you this -- there is nothing else quite like it on the Internet. And, we already have significant developments in the works for the next iteration.

VLIP MANIFESTO (from our crack PR team)

What is Vlip?

Vlip is an entirely new, completely unique and totally active and interactive online video community site geared toward adults 18 years and older.

What Vlip isn’t?

Vlip is not like other online video destination sites of which there are literally scores, à la YouTube, Revver, Veoh and others. Vlip is different and completely unique—there is nothing else like it on the Internet.

How is Vlip different?

Vlip makes it radically easy to be an active participant by making it drop-dead simple to make and share videos. Other video destination sites are primarily for passive viewing of videos, because it is cumbersome to upload videos from camcorders. With Vlip, all users need is a webcam to click, create and post their video message. No download or registration is required! Naturally, Vlippers and anyone else can also simply come to easily watch compelling “personal videos.”

Vlip is also truly an interactive community, not simply a video destination site like the others. The Vlip community promotes interaction between Vlip video creators and Vlip watchers, both live and through threaded playback of posted pre-recorded video messages. For example, Vlippers have the power to reach out to one another with the highest quality and easiest-to-use click-to-call live video calling. Now that is a powerful and interactive component that none of the more passive video sites offers! Video with Vlip brings revolutionary new power and emotion to online interaction.

Although Vlippers can also v-mail their Vlips and embed them throughout the Internet, think of Vlip as a video message board. It enables users to create their own personal video messages predominantly through webcam-captured content—that is, “personal videos.” Personal video enables the publishing of individual user perspectives and avoids nagging copyright issues that plague other online video sites. And, these personal videos are uniquely powerful and compelling—hear and see what others have to say about what they have on their minds (music, romance, global warming, politics … any topic, or no topic whatsoever!)

Vlip also enables Vlippers to easily create and post their Vlips throughout the Internet including in other sites, blogs and Wikis. And, Vlips are very viral—Vlip gives Vlippers a separate Vlip player that can be embedded virtually anywhere on the Internet (your MySpace page, Facebook page, blog, etc.). Once posted, Vlip’s full capabilities are there, including extensions of the original Vlip video message thread. In other words, Vlips are not static—they live and breathe with the replies of others. They have a beginning created by the original Vlipper, but they have no end – they are dynamic. How cool is that?

Vlip also offers the best video quality possible because Vlip is powered by the experts at SightSpeed—widely recognized as offering the best-in-class personal video solutions found anywhere. SightSpeed, yet again, has just been awarded PC Magazine’s “Editors’ Choice” award for bringing users the best quality free Internet video services available anywhere. SightSpeed’s technology and overall expertise enhance the complete Vlip experience. Registration on Vlip, though not required, gives Vlippers added power and functionality.

As an advertising-supported business, Vlip ultimately will provide revenue-sharing opportunities that will enable Vlippers to share in the revenues their content creates once they have built a following. This revenue-stream model makes Vlip not just an ad-driven site, but a true user-driven site and experience.

And finally, Vlip will be available anywhere the Vlipper is—at home on their desktop, in the field on their laptop, or anywhere they may be with their mobile device today or phone (real soon). So, be seen. Get heard. Vlip it!