Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Get Discovered" With Online Video Part II -- iActor

Yesterday, I blogged about how our very own "The SightSpeed Guy" -- customer support rep Peter Zottolo -- was discovered by DirecTV as a result of his vlogs and will now be hosting a new DirecTV show called "The Fizz Newzz" about vloggers. Peter joins the ranks of others who have vlogged their way into the mainstream -- kind of a new media's virtual Schwab's Drug Store (Schwab's was the famous Hollywood store where stars of the silver screen were "discovered" by talent agents).

Today's Los Angeles Times features a story about the Screen Actors Guild's new online casting directory, iActor -- a place where SAG members can create individual profiles to which they can upload their bios, headshots, and video and audio clips. Casting directors can then easily and efficiently review these profiles online.

Great idea, but how can it be better now? For SAG members, use SightSpeed's one-click record and post feature to easily create a high quality (30 frames per second) video headshot using only a web cam and to easily post that video headshot into your online profile. I do this today in my blog posts on occasion. The process is simple -- and, unlimited "takes" of the video headshot can be easily made until you get it just right (it's all done with a click of the button). This video head shot differentiates that profile from other profiles, and is a more personal way to connect with the talent agent than a simple digital photo. And, the SAG member/SightSpeed user can also easily add a "click to call" with video button to his or her profile so that the casting director can immediately and spontaneously reach out and connect with the SAG member using great quality video.

For another interesting story today about how vlogging and online video are changing the game in political races (especially in the already hot 2008 US Presidential race), check out the story "Candidates Find a New Stump in the Blogosphere" on page B1 of today's The Wall Street Journal.