Saturday, February 03, 2007

Viacom Demands YouTube Take Down Over 100,000 Video Clips

In a further and now customary sign of the struggles between so-called "new media" and "traditional big media," Viacom yesterday issued a statement demanding that YouTube remove "over 100,000 additional unauthorized clips of its video content." Viacom, in its notice, cited a lack of content filtering and YouTube's current retention of associated ad revenue. However, all was not negative for YouTube here, as Viacom's notice further stated that "Our hope is that YouTube and Google will support a fair and authorized distribution model." In other words, Viacom wants to work with Google, and most pundits view Viacom's move as a negotiating ploy to expedite a deal between the two parties.

In any event, virtually all current video sharing sites are, in fact, struggling with the issue of how to deal with copyrighted works which make up a substantial share of their current inventory.