Friday, February 02, 2007

Apple and Cisco Sharing the iPhone Name? A New Spirit of Cooperation

I have written several times about Cisco's lawsuit against Apple over Apple's splashy new use of the "iPhone" name -- recall that Cisco has owned a trademark on that name since 2000.

Late Wednesday, Apple and Cisco issued a joint statement announcing that the companies have agreed to extend the time Apple has to respond to Cisco's iPhone lawsuit so that the parties can work out an agreement regarding trademark rights and interoperability. Now, THIS is interesting -- although Cisco already has its own IP-based phones under the iPhone moniker, the company seemingly wants more than just money under such an arrangement -- it seemingly wants to hitch its wagon in some way to Apple's coming cellular iPhone network and benefit from Apple's much-anticipated release (as well as Apple's overall "sizzle" in the marketplace).

I will continue to report on material developments in this interesting iPhone saga ...