Thursday, February 01, 2007

Google's Breath-Taking Growth Continues -- But What About Video?

Google just reported its fourth quarter earnings -- and they are pretty ... very very pretty -- fourth quarter profits nearly tripled to $1.03 billion and revenues grew 67% to $3.2 billion. In his analyst call announcing the results, CEO Eric Schmidt attributed Google's continued mind-boggling growth to its core search business and small relevant ads that are placed next to search results.

So, how did Google's online video initiatives -- especially YouTube -- contribute to Q4's success? Schmidt was less clear on this point in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, instead indicating that Google would "eventually do som very significant deals" related to those video services. According to Schmidt, he "wasn't in a great hurry on the issue -- it's more important to get it right."

Obviously, Google -- staying true to form -- plans to monetize its online video efforts with ads. And, YouTube co-Founder Chad Hurley recently indicated that YouTube would share ad revenues with video content creators in an effort to boost the quality of such content (and, undoubtedly, to get away from dependence upon copyrighted works such as television and clips such as SNL's "Lazy Sunday" which attributed significantly to YouTube's breath-taking growth).