Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Microsoft Vista's Launch -- My How Times Have Changed

Microsoft Vista, of course, just made its consumer debut after years of delay. But, Vista's launch was like no other major Microsoft release previously -- it was downright "quiet" (see an interesting piece by Jeremy Peters and Thomas Crampton from today's New York Times titled "Vista Arrives With Limited Fanfare").

Remember those lines of hungry Microsoft customers outside computer stores from years back waiting to be the first to get the latest version of Microsoft's O/S? Remember the Stones exhorting all of us to "Start Me Up"? I do ... vividly. But, no longer. Vista represents what many believe may be the last of a dying breed -- buying software from a box. Web-based programs are here and now. And, Microsoft's hegemony, of course, has been forever impacted by the likes of Google and other entirely web-based applications.