Thursday, January 18, 2007

Adding a "Click to Call" Video "Widget" to Your Blog -- Connect Face-to-Face With Your Readers

Today's New York Times, in an article by Scott Kirsner titled "Some Bling for Your Blog," discusses blogging and adding "widgets" to enhance blog sites. 12 million people in the U.S. alone maintain blogs, and that number is growing rapidly.

How about adding a "click to call" with video widget, so that readers can reach out and interact directly and face-to-face with the blogger? I have added such a "widget" to my own blog -- look on the right-hand column -- you will find a SightSpeed "Call Me on SightSpeed" button. With that, anyone can call me and can see me, whether or not they have SightSpeed installed and whether or not they have a web cam themselves. This is a great way to bring interactivity to your blog.

Soon, this "widget" will be significantly enhanced to add SightSpeed's full capabilities, including "click to record" video and presence. That way, any blog reader can simply leave a video comment or message for the blogger (for now, please send any video comments you may have for me by using SightSpeed to create and send a video mail to -- I may post some of these in the future).

Digital Music Sales Up 80% in 2006

Digital music sales increased 80% worldwide in 2006, according to the London-based International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. This translates into nearly $2 billion in revenue from online and mobile digital music sales, up from $1.1 billion in 2005. According to John Kennedy, Chief Exec of that music federation, digital sales should comprise roughly 25% of all music sales by 2010.

Although digital sales on a worldwide basis presently fail to fill the lost revenue gap caused by declining CD sales, some hopeful signs emerged from Mr. Kennedy's report. First, that gap is nearly filled by digital sales in the U.S., Great Britain, and Japan. And, Mr. Kennedy reports that this gap could be filled by digital sales in 10 to 12 markets this year. Mr. Kennedy plans to step up anti-piracy measures this year in certain territories where CD piracy is considered to be particularly rampant, such as in South Korea. Interestingly, digital sales comprise the highest shares in such territories -- in South Korea 57% of industry revenue last year resulted from digital music sales.