Friday, January 05, 2007

Guest Blogger Jeff Pulver Writes About Video as a Disruptive Force in 2007

Today, I am honored to have Jeff Pulver be my first guest blogger. Jeff requires no introduction -- suffice it to say he is a pioneer and giant in the Internet Telephony space (VoIP and now video as well) . Jeff writes today about the emerging power and significance of video over the Internet -- and, in particular, about the "disruptive" nature of video.

"In the last days of 2006, Senator John Edwards announced his candidacy for President of the United States with the help of Rocketboom and YouTube. In 2007, the Internet is delivering on the promise of an intimacy and immediacy that is changing the game for our relationship with media, communications, and entertainment. His announcement on YouTube raised questions in my mind that I recently blogged about. It seems as if many of the possibilities that I shared during 2006 are starting to happen before our eyes and we are once again able to watch the disruption of an ecosystem unfold in front of us. This time around it is the world of television, film and broadcasting that is morphing into something new. And different. For now I am looking at this as the "TV over IP" space. But I realize this is much more than just TV. And I'm not referring to IPTV either.

During the past eighteen months I've been excited by the disruptive innovators seeking to build momentum using video as an application to deliver their message. I believe this is a robust ecosystem, with creative new technologies and challenging new business models. Look at video networks like BrightCove, and Revver. And after seeing a $1.65 Billion US Dollar purchase of YouTube, and $4.6 Billion US Dollars spent on online advertising, there is also serious money changing hands in this space.

And it with this interest of exploring the future that I have been spending time getting my feet wet in the emerging "TV on the Net" space. At Fall 2006 VON I announced my video startup Network2 and I most recently co-founded an "Internet Studio Network", Abbey Corps, with Andrew Baron. So that when I'm speaking at Spring 2007 Video on the Net in San Jose, there will be a context to the ideas that I will be sharing.

If you are interested in emerging net technologies, I encourage you to come out to San Jose and join us at Spring 2007 Video on the Net and join us in the evolution and building of a new industry and a new ecosystem. I'm very excited by these emerging trends, and feel you'll find it interesting, too. I hope to see you there.

BTW - I just posted this video to YouTube to promote the conference. Hope you like it.

Best regards, Jeff"

Thanks Jeff! Great thoughts as we enter 2007 -- the year where Internet video, in all of its many forms, really takes off. I most certainly will be attending Spring VON and, in particular, the Spring Video on the Net conference to continue this dialog with Jeff and others.

Other Notable Stories of the Day ...

In addition to Jeff Pulver's guest blogging today, I wanted to share some brief nuggets from my routine perusal of today's many newspapers --

(1) from today's LA Times, a great summary of the music industry's performance in 2006 (and, in particular, the ever-growing importance of digital music sales); my hometown newspaper, The San Diego Union-Tribune, also summarized the year in music in an article titled "Downloads Rock 2006 as Album Sales Dip";

(2) also from today's LA Times, an important development that will cheer proponents of "network neutrality".

Enjoy ...