Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Los Angeles Times' Annual Predictions for Media, Entertainment & Technology

Today's Los Angeles Times -- in an article titled "Putting More On the Line Online" -- sets forth its writers' annual predictions for the media sector -- which includes media, entertainment and technology. These predictions for 2007 are a must read, if nothing else to get a sense of what is in the minds of relevant high level analysts, investors and executives.

Enjoy the read ....

The Coming Best Quality Video Conferencing & Communications Solution Available to ALL Businesses

In 2007, expect to see businesses turning to online video communications and conferencing at an accelerated pace to efficiently and cost-effectively empower colleagues to communicate with one another -- and to customers and prospective customers -- no matter where they are. I have written about this before on several occasions. Today's revamped Wall Street Journal makes this same point in an article by Bobby White titled "Firms Take a Cue from YouTube," which can be found on page B3.

And, in 2007, expect SightSpeed to help lead the way for business users. 30% of SightSpeed's users today use SightSpeed 5.0 for business purposes, despite the fact that SightSpeed has not -- to date -- separately productized a small/medium business (SMB) application. This will change in 2007 ... and expect it to be top quality at a price affordable to every business (small, medium, and large).