Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quarterlife -- A New Show About Video Blogging & The Most Expensive Show Ever Produced For The Internet

As reported in today's Los Angeles Times, emmy-award winning creators of two highly regarded television shows -- "My So-Called Life" and "thirtysomething" -- have just unveiled plans to produce 36 8-minute episodes of a series called "quarterlife" specifically for the Internet. The new webisodes -- which are likely to cost more to produce than any previous Internet-focused effort -- will debut November 11 on Interestingly for readers of my blog, the plot of "quarterlife" is based upon the lives of six twenty-somethings and includes an "overly truthful" video blog. The show is supported, not surprisingly, by a slick website that touts that quarterlife is a "new Internet series and social network" -- it also asks us to "figure it out."

Hmmm -- "video blogging" is central to this new show's plot? Video blogging is central to the new prime-time ABC news magazine iCaught which has been recently discussed in my blog? Is there a trend here ....???

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Anonymous said...

I feel like it totally goes in the direction of creating new forms of content. Up till now, we had music, movies and now TV is going there...there is definitely a trend...And I guess the trend is meant to conquer a larger public, for example those who do not have the cable.
Talking about contents and how to sell them, I heard about 9thXchange, how does that work?