Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Video Conferencing -- Cutting Back on the Hassles of Travel & Increasing Productivity

I write this post sitting in yet another Southwest Airlines line awaiting yet another trip to the Bay Area (and sitting on yet another airport terminal floor). I just endured yet another trip through security and believe (and hope!) I have collected all of my personal belongings before getting to this point (after fortunately finding yet another needle in the haystack -- an open parking spot at San Diego's micro-airport, Lindbergh Field).

Ahh, the joys of holiday travel -- well, not really the holidays yet, as this travel is for business purposes.

I am not complaining ... really ... as I always give myself lots of time at the airport to get my coffee, read my three papers, and get into the "A" line of Southwest (I wake up early anyhow because I have two small kids). So, no stress here. I am very accustomed to this routine for the reasons indicated in one of my recent posts.

But, the hassle of travel is always there ... alarm clocks, not waking up the entire family at the ungodly early hours, parking, etc. .... you get the point.

Video conferencing can be part of the solution to cut back on these business travel hassles -- a very big part. I live my words in this regard, as I discussed in a recent post. And, uber-blogger Andy Abramson writes about this himself in his new "Working Anywhere" initiative -- a read I highly recommend. Not only does video conferencing cut back the business person's need to travel as frequently and, therefore, cut back on the hassles of travel -- it really does work by the way -- it also significantly increases efficiency (think of all of those wasted travel-related hours that more productively could be used to conduct your business). And, the "green" benefits can be substantial -- more on this in a future post ...