Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Technology Paradox -- One-to-One Politicking is Back!

Hard to believe, but 'tis already the season ... to begin the 2008 race for the White House!

Back in the day, Presidential candidates reached out, kissed babies, and pressed the flesh one person at a time, mano a mano. Technology changed much of the focus, of course, with candidates using the media to send general and impersonal themed messages to millions.

Well, technology is once again revolutionizing the art of politicking by -- interestingly enough -- bringing back the power of one-to-one, eye-to-eye "personal" human contact. And, the 2008 race for the Presidency already is well on its way to be a break-out election in this regard. Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has already given video blogging (vlogging) a central role in his outreach campaign -- a wise move, given the personal and VIRAL nature of these video messages. Vilsack follows the success of other politicians, such as now California Lt. Governor John Garamendi of California, who used vlogging to great effect on his road to victory in this past 2006 election (his vlogs experienced a remarkable 25% playback rate!)

Expect to see much more one-to-one video messaging from politicians in the 2008 campaign -- and from campaigns and causes as well -- given the power of eye-to-eye personal video to bring back the "human" element and connection that was missing from mass market campaigns.