Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Click to Record & Post" Your Video Resume ... or Your Vlog ... or Your MySpace Video Profile

Today's Wall Street Journal featured yet another interesting story about how people are using online video in compelling new ways -- in this case, for job seekers to post video resumes (FYI -- the relevant article is titled "Posting Your Resume on YouTube"). Obviously, video resumes (or resumes augmented or enhanced with a video component) offer job seekers a unique and compelling way to make a differentiated "connection" with potential employers, thereby separating their resume from the stack of other resumes being considered. THAT is the unique power of video over any other form of media.

I previously have discussed the tremendous potential of "click to call" video (SightSpeed offers this, among others). Video resumes and video recordings of any kind represent the flip-side to this; that is, "click to record and post" video (the difference being recorded video as opposed to live video). And, SightSpeed today offers job seekers, vloggers, MySpacers, FaceBookers,, and anyone else who wants to easily record and post a great quality video, the ability to do so with nothing more than a webcam. SightSpeed, in effect, gives its users the ability to turn their PC or Mac into a high quality video production and publishing studio -- i.e., "click" to record your video (full 30 frames/second) and "click" to send it to anyone or post it anywhere ... easily. How cool and compelling would it be if the various online job sites integrated and offered this kind of easy and straightforward "click-to-record and post" video functionality to job seekers? I have little doubt that job seekers would crave this functionality and employers searching those sites would find those videos to be extremely helpful.

Tomorrow SightSpeed goes "live" with its new Enhanced SightSpeed 5.0 with more compelling "click to record and post" video functionality. Check it out ... check out my upcoming post (with video) ... and let me know what you think.