Friday, December 01, 2006

'Tis the Season ... for Apple's iPhone

The holidays are here, and that can mean only one thing ... time for Apple to introduce its next big thing.

This time, it appears as if the long rumoured iPhone is near. As reported in the press today, Apple has just sought patent protection for a combined mobile phone/music player. It would not surprise me -- or many others for that matter -- if this announcement comes in the first part of January, when Steve Jobs next takes the stage at Macworld.

Sure, many others have already been there and done that (i.e., combining a phone and music player). But, that hasn't stopped the press from fawning over Apple before. Remember the iPod? Well, it certainly wasn't first. But, consumers and the press still vote it as being the best. Expect the same response here in January ...

And, can an iChat-enabled iPhone be far behind? I have blogged several times before about the power and potential of mobile video communications (calling and "see what I'm seeing) ...