Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Click-to-Call" Real-Time Video Chef Help -- Perfect for the Holidays!

Well, Thanksgiving here in the U.S. is almost upon us -- tomorrow is the big day of course. We will feast, feast, feast, feast (which means lucky family members will cook, cook, cook, cook!)

For all you chefs out there, how nice would it be if you could "click-to-call" professional chefs to get last second cooking and baking tips -- and, better yet, "click-to-call" with video to actually have professional chefs SHOW you how to stuff that bird, cook those yams, bake that pumpkin pie.

Professional chefs are increasingly accessible for live interaction online -- for a small fee of course. This is a tasty example of "click-to-call" e-commerce and e-services, the subject of one of my recent blogs (and the subject of an interesting holiday article in today's Wall Street Journal by Yuliya Chernova titled "Soggy Stuffing, Dry Turkey? Now You Can IM a Chef").

Happy Holidays everyone -- you will next hear from me after a couple day break (and after my recovery from my own stuffing).