Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Thoughts on Video Social Networking -- Social Video

Since my last post, there has been more interesting feedback on the topic of whether video interactivity adds a compelling new "layer" to the social networking experience -- what Luca Filigheddu has dubbed "Social Video."

Specifically, PhoneBoy joined the debate with an interesting perspective, much of which Luca memorialized in his blog. I found the following additional passage from PhoneBoy to be of particular interest:

"I'm going to ignore the whole 'Social Networking' aspect of this. I'm with Ken Camp, I think social networks are dumb. The Internet is my 'social network.' Live it, or live with it. So let's assume that we are talking about 'video interactions on the Internet.'"

I wholeheartedly agree with PhoneBoy and Ken Camp on that point -- i.e., it doesn't matter what you call it, the point is that video adds an entirely new and uniquely compelling level to online Interactivitiy. Video adds the otherwise missing "personal" or "human" element -- in other words, true "connectivity." Video -- visual cues -- connect in ways that nothing else can.

At the end of the day, PhoneBoy agrees that video interactivity over the Internet will be "big" (as does Luca, and as did all of the other expert bloggers who added their insightful thoughts to this debate). But, he believes that such interactivity will reach critical mass when "the ability to do video is as ubiquitous as a mobile phone."

Amen to that -- video interactivity, video social networking, social video, whatever you want to call it -- needs to be easy-to-use, convenient to use, and available anywhere you need it (or may want to use it ... or may not even know you may want to use it, but use it anyhow). That means not just on the desktop, but also throughout your home, and out in the real and mobile world ...