Monday, October 30, 2006

Is Video Interaction a Next Big Thing in Social Networking?

Several days back, Luca Filigheddu blogged about 3G video calling and asked other bloggers to debate the issue of whether they felt that mobile video calling was useful in practice, as well as in theory. Several of us (including myself) chimed in with our thoughts in that regard and the resulting string of responses was very interesting.

Borrowing a page from Luca, today I ask a different question -- is video interaction a next logical and powerful way to extend the social networking experience? Specifically, can video (including live "click to call" video interaction among members in a community, as well as video messages -- i.e., click to record video to augment your member profile or send personalized video messages to others) take social networking to another level?

I previously discussed these possibilities and answered them with a resounding "yes" -- I believe that video is the next logical and powerful extension of the social networking experience. In my view, video adds a uniquely powerful human or "personal" element to the online experience.

Let me know if you agree or disagree.