Thursday, October 26, 2006

Video Outreach -- Not Just for Politicos: Building Buzz & Loyalty for Indie Bands & Other Content Owners

Yesterday, I blogged about the promise of one-to-one "face-to-face" personalized video outreach by politicos in the homestretch of this critical campaign season.

Today, I extend the same compelling logic to essentially any purveyor of "content" or a "message" -- in this case, Indie Bands (and any musical artist, for that matter). My thoughts here were spurred by an article in today's Wall Street Journal (page D6) by Suzanne Lorge titled "An Inroad for Indie Bands, No Major Label Required." This article discusses the promise of the Internet to "democratize" the music industry by giving Indie bands and others new ways to introduce themselves to potential fans.

Well, introduction is one thing -- but personal interaction is something completely different -- and potentially even more meaningful and compelling, because "one to one" interaction with fans can motivate those fans in ways that mere introduction cannot.

Let's say you are an indie band -- or any band/content owner. Now, in the same manner as a politico can easily create a personalized video message and efficiently send it out to thousands (or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands), an indie band can use the same video tools to easily create a compelling personalized message that is then "emailed" to interested parties (the band's fan list, for example). Remember, these video messages can be extremely viral, so motivated fans will send them to their friends who will then send them to their friends.

Everyone wins in this scenario. The fan gets personalized video messages from his or her favorite band (which can be informal and otherwise unavailable video snippets or slices of life from the band after a gig, as an example, which are much more compelling than textual newsletters). The band, of course, builds and strengthens its connections with its fans by establishing a much deeper relationship with them via video -- this, in turn, motivates fans to "spread the gospel" more and more.

The one-to-one outreach and interaction can continue from there for the benefit of all involved. The possibilities here are very compelling indeed ...