Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Countdown for Politicos -- Using Personalized "One-to-One" Video Campaigning Over the Internet to Make a Difference in the Homestretch

Less than two weeks 'til election time -- a pivotal election in which control of the House and Senate is simply too close to call. Significant issues abound.

So, how can national, state, and local politicians most effectively spread their "gospel", motivate the faithful (and the hoped-for new faithful) and better their chances in the final stretch?

Tried and true methods work up to a point -- hand-shaking, kissing babies, etc. But, increasingly, politicians are using the Internet, of course, to make a difference and more efficiently and effectively get the word out. Afterall, a politician's legs and stamina can only go so far in any 24 hour period!

One compelling new and personalized use of the Internet is being used by certain politicians with impressive results -- personalized video messages. As an example, Lt. Governor candidate John Garamendi of California has repeatedly used video messages -- which are received by recipients just like email (don't worry, no files are attached) -- to convey his message in a "one on one" and "face to face" manner. And, he is seeing playback rates of a whopping 25%! Compare that kind of response to typical email blasts that are lucky to achieve mid single digit click-through rates.

With less than two weeks to go, such personalized messages may be an interesting, efficient, and extremely effective way for pols to motivate the faithful (especially since such video messages also are extremely viral -- the recipient can send it on with a "click" to two friends ... and so on... and so on ...)