Monday, October 16, 2006

SightSpeed Featured on Marketwatch with Bambi Francisco

Okay, time for a little shameless SightSpeed self-promotion.

Last Friday, Bambi Francisco of Dow Jones' Marketwatch -- -- invited me to her offices in San Francisco to learn more about SightSpeed and some of the themes about which I have been blogging of late.

The results were posted on Marketwatch today -- see the full interview with Bambi Francisco by copying and pasting the link below into your browser.

Television News & Online Video -- Newsgathering

According to today's LA Times, Yahoo! this week will begin to feature news clips supplied by 16 CBS Corp. television stations as part of its online video offerings, thereby demonsrating Yahoo!'s continued focus on "traditional" media content in addition to user-generated videos. For these news organizations, of course, the Internet brings important new distribution and marketing reach.

But, the Internet and online video already are giving major television news and media organizations more -- including significantly more flexibility and nimbleness to cover and report the news (and the power to enlist viewers to help gather the news).

Major television companies already are using web cams for remote live video feeds that are broadcast on the air. Last week, I commented on MTV's revolutionary new use of live video and web cams to "bring in" its viewers from around the country into the TRL (Total Request Live) experience and interact directly with musical artists and the host. Live video over the Internet via web cam gives traditional media organizations much broader range and flexibility to cover the news at essentially no cost and with no need to send out costly remote crews (which frequently would be impossible in any event given the circumstances). The web cam feeds are high quality and, of course, extremely portable -- the web cam can go wherever the reporter can go (so long as there is decent connectivity).

This "power" and flexibility also gives further rise to the citizen journalist -- anyone with a web cam can now be an on-the-scenes reporter and feed live video reports to the rest of the world. Expect to see more of this kind of democratization in news reporting in the future.

The march of online video continues ...